Vinyls is the perfect companion app for all your music needs.
It is a completely new way to discover your music, your personal
DJ for your parties
and lets you scrobble your music via last fm.

Vinyls utilizes your iTunes library, no importing required, all your songs are already there! Covers included. Podcasts and support!
Discover Your Music by Covers

Browse through your music, podcasts and more in a beautiful and innovative cover driven view. It was never that fun to enjoy your music

Flexible Playing Queue for Endless Music

Image the playing queue is a master playlist. Drag and drop everything from songs to albums, artist compilations or even multiple playlists into the playing queue. The playing queue holds everything in it ready to be played for you.

If you do not like to manager the playing queue yourself let Vinyls do the work for you. Just hit the autoqueue button and the playing queue will be autofilled to hold endless music in it. It is the most flexible way you have ever seen to manage your played music. Built In

Use to scrobble your music learn new music and more. Vinyls has all the needed stuff built right in. It is only a click away.

Global Shortcuts and
Apple Remote Support

Use Vinyls with your own global shortcuts. Simply define your own hotkey to pause, play, goto next or previous song and more. Or just use your Apple remote control to control records.

Innovative Display Controls

All the control buttons in Vinyls are designed to just be there when you need it. Instead of showing play, pause forward backward and more in single buttons, Vinylsshows them just when you need them, right in your display next to your song informations.

Fullscreen Party Mode

Use Vinyls for your parties. Just start the party fullscreen mode and let Vinyls be your personal DJ. Or let your friends find and add their personal favourite songs to the playing queue distraction free.

Mini Player

Want to keep Vinyls out of the way? Just click on the green button in the left top corner and Vinyls will be minimized to just show the coming songs and the song information. Just click on the green button again to have all the powerfull options back again.

Powerful Search

With the built in search you can easily search for every song you can imagine. As long as it is in your library Vinyls will find it with ease.

Technical Specification

System Requirements

• Mac OS X 10.6.7 (Snow Leopard) and above
• Intel Mac
• 1 GB RAM

Mac OS X Technologies

• QT kit
• Universal Binary